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Where you always wanted to live is right around the corner!

Rockland County has a history that dates back to February 1798 when the county was elevated to an administration center for the New York. The county is located 19 miles north west of the New York City. Its name is derived from the description of the area given to it by the white settlers. The county is on the west of Hudson River.

Many people wonder how much one should make to afford living here. Rockland County Area residents have well paying jobs and most of them own the properties they live in. Be warned, living in this county is a bit difficult if you are earning less than 90K. If you are earning 60K and you live modestly, it is possible for you to live in this area as long as you are not indebted. There are plenty of apartments in the Goshen area which are rented out at reasonable costs. The average taxes in this area are a little bit high and stand at USD 8,000 every year. The city life is a little bit expensive with homes that attract high taxes. Many people work in Rockland and live in Orange County to reduce expenses.

Median monthly housing costs for homes and condos with a mortgage: $2,745
Median monthly housing costs for units without a mortgage: $1,001

One of the obvious reasons that make the county so popular is its proximity to Manhattan and the New York metropolitan area. The county is the smallest in New York but has the highest property tax rates. It has 5 towns and a number of incorporated villages and hamlets. Surprisingly, parkland covers one third of the county. The county is ranked 9th on the list of income earned by households.

Population (July 2011): 315,158
Owner-occupied houses and condos (June 2000): 66,461
Renter-occupied apartments (June 2000): 26,214
Owner-occupied with a mortgage or a loan houses and condos (2010): 50,108
Owner-occupied free and clear houses and condos (2010): 18,698
Renter-occupied apartments (2010): 30,436
Cost of living index: 143.0 (U.S. average is 100)

Property in Rockland County Area

Rockland County Area is known for its state of art homes that can be bought by both locals and foreigners. If you are looking for apartments, condos and maissonattes to buy or rent, there are plenty of them in this area. There are deliberate efforts by the county government of Rockland to make services more accessible to all the residents of the area.

A number of agencies including Rockland Industrial Development Agency (IDA) have come up with deals aimed at expanding the facilities and the services provided in this area. The cultural center remains one of the attractive places in the area and hosts a number of events including the county executive Arts awards. Individuals who have contributed to the arts community have been honored in fêtes at this place.

The mortgage tax rate applicable in this area is different to the one applied in the New York City. The rates are 1.05% % for 1-2-3 family residential. For properties that are worth less than $500,000 the rates are 1.8$ while all properties worth more than 500, 000 will attract a tax rate of 2.8%. In Rockland, payment of taxes has been made easier and home owners are free to do so online. This is method is easy and fast.

Where you always wanted to live is right around the corner!

Whether you are buying of selling real estate, you need to put in some marketing effort to close a deal as quick as possible.

Focus on first impression

You need to “market” your house by making sure it looks good. The first impression makes a big difference. Clean or paint the exterior, trim bushes, plant some flowers, mown grass, get rid of clutter … In other words, invest into making your house appealing.

Spread the word

Go beyond traditional realtor networks. List your house on ebay, youtube, craigslist, open Microsoft Word, download and customize free real estate flyer, or, if you are handy with grapic software, pick up free real estate property listing flyer for InDesign. Even if you hired a broker, promoting your house will bring more people, thus giving you more chances to sell quicker.

Leave it to the pros

Find an agent whom you like and trust, and let him or her do the heavy lifting of selling or buying your real estate.


Rockland County covers an area of 199 square miles with land occupying 174 square miles while water bodies covers 25 square miles. Its elevation is about 1,283 feet above sea level and has most of its land devoted to parks which provide a number of hiking trails, dog runs, historic sites, streams, ponds salt marshes, equestrian trails and ball fields. Other than the park, there are several beautiful private and public golf courses which offer good discounts to the residents making the area affordable to the residents.

Every year, the county holds the 9/11 memorial ceremony at Haverstraw Bay Park in commemoration of those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attack.

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